September 1, 2022

Letter: Vote to protect our democracy and ensure continued small-business vitality

When I started my business, I had a great idea. I believed if I offered the public bedding products made with organic natural ingredients, customers would choose to improve their lives, and my business would be a success.

I am very concerned that not that many years from now, new entrepreneurs with great ideas will not pursue their dreams and the public will not have the opportunity to benefit.

Our democracy is in peril. It is only because of our strong democracy that small businesses can flourish. Entrepreneurship died in Russia when Vladimir Putin came to power and many small business owners were exiled or jailed on trumped-up charges, thanks to Putin-controlled courts.

Autocracy produces politicians locked into power. They do not need input from small businesses, don’t tolerate dissent, and eliminate competition for the benefit of their wealthy contributors. Autocratic politicians grow more powerful, big corporations thrive, and small entrepreneurs like me won’t risk investing their time and money in a business that they could lose.

Voters who don’t want this for America need to reject anti-democracy congressional candidates. Candidates willing to pass voting reforms to protect our democracy and our economy must be supported.

Barry Cik,
Chagrin Falls, OH

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