Webinars on Protecting Democracy

The ASBN Business for Democracy campaign continues to hold monthly numerous webinars on how to protect democracy via ranked choice voting (RCV) and taking on the political gerrymandering of state legislative and Congressional districts. These webinars cover the basics of how RCV works; why it is needed; and the successful use of RCV by political parties, Congressional, state, and municipal elections. Webinars also discuss what states with citizen ballot initiatives can do to stop gerrymandering.

Ohioans Fight to Stop Gerrymandering

Sean Soendker Nicholson, who is directing the “Citizens Not Politicians” campaign in Ohio, discussed the ballot measure he and many other organizations would like to have on the 2024 statewide ballot that would amend the state Constitution to create an independent citizen-led redistricting commission for legislative and Congressional districts.

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How Ranked Choice Voting Works When Two or More Seats are to be Filled Using One Ranked Choice Voting Ballot

Liz White, the founding executive director of UpVote Virginia, explained how ranked-choice voting works when two or more seats are to be filled using one ranked-choice voting ballot, as was recently done in the Arlington (VA) County Board Democratic primary.

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Josh Daniels to Oversee Ranked Choice Voting Elections

Josh Daniels, the former Utah County official, the first in his state to oversee ranked choice voting elections, sheds light on how ranked choice voting worked in his municipalities, how it was received by voters, and why some political operatives oppose this more democratic election system.

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Stan Lockhart Talks About Why He Supports Ranked Choice Voting

Stan Lockhart, former Utah Republican Party Chair and self-described conservative & traditionalist Republican, talks about why he supports ranked-choice voting. Southwest Ohio Ranked Choice Voting Chapter meeting.

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Shammas Malik on Why He Supports Instant Runoff Voting in Ohio Elections

Shammas Malik, City of Akron’s Mayor-Elect, on why he supports instant runoff voting (ranked choice voting) in Ohio elections.

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First Federal Election in Alaska (2022) Using Ranked-Choice Voting

Anton McParland, campaign manager and Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Mary Peltola (D-AK), on the first federal election in Alaska (2022) using ranked-choice voting. How did it impact campaigning and serving in Congress?

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