“Hi-Wire Brewing is very supporting of efforts, like ranked choice voting, to give all voters the opportunity to have more voice in our great democracy.”  Adam Charnack, Hi-Wire Brewing, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama

"In order to ensure we even have a democracy in the next decade, we must institute a more democratic election process; RCV is a step in the right direction".  Janice Robinson, JDR Consulting, North Carolina
“We need a more democratic election system that promotes candidates to be more civil, issue focused, and listening to more than their base.  Ranked choice voting does this and eliminates the cost of runoff elections.”  Barry Cik, Naturepedic, Ohio
"We support RCV because it creates a more representative democracy." Chris Cera, CEO, Arcweb Technologies, PA
“Driven by the divisiveness in our politics, our nation is losing trust, and this concerns me very much as we don’t know how it will affect our communities and economy in the long run.  I’m excited about the potential for Rank Choice Voting (RCV) to rebuild trust in our nation.  It changes election dynamics encouraging politicians to work together to find solutions instead of tearing each other down.  I believe it can bring real impactful change, especially given that it has a successful track record both in the US and in other democracies.  Something needs to change; our divisive politics are tearing our country apart.  I think RCV has the best chance to bring real change to our nation."  Susan Kask, PhD., Values2Action LLC, North Carolina
“ I support Ranked Choice Voting because it makes it possible to fulfill our Founders’ vision of a more perfect Union where every citizen can use their vote to make their voice heard.”  James Warner, President, JWarnerArt, LLC, Ohio
"A truly democratic system helps protect the people and small businesses from autocracies; and allows people to elect government administrators who will represent their interests.  Rank Choice Voting (RCV) does just that.  It gives voters the power to vote and rank candidates who are more aligned with their ideologies, increasing the chances to have have someone elected who is closer to their values, helping conservative and progressive voters equally, but especially helping working class people, Appalachians, women, minories and BIPOC to have their agendas moved forward.  To learn more about how RCV can help protect our democracy, keep reading.  Flequer Vera, Sustainergy, Ohio

"Strong democracy and strong local economy go hand in hand. They are the checks and balances for a thriving community." - Tracy Furman

“We will make our voices heard and we hope to make protecting democracy a votable issue this fall.  Our democracy—including the economy, fairness, and equality of rights for many African Americans—is at stake.” - Gerry McCants
"At People First Economy, we believe that small businesses thrive when our democracy thrives. Safe and secure elections are the bedrock of a thriving democracy. Small businesses support measures that ensure our employees and team members can vote without intimidation or interference, regardless of what party, issue or candidate they may support. And we strongly denounce the incessant and baseless attacks on our democracy and elections by those who seek to undermine faith in our democratic institutions and subvert the will of the voters." - Hanna Schulze
"As a small business owner, I see daily the importance of being involved and active when it comes to laws and regulation affecting entrepreneurs. Business For Democracy is advocating on behalf of the equity and democracy issues that I support. I strongly endorse their effort and mission." - John Martin
"Democracy presently is under attack; yet when democracy thrives, businesses thrive, thus preservation of democracy is integral to a robust economy." - Lara Pearson
"Protecting democracy ensures that the needs of under-resourced entrepreneurs are considered and they have a voice. These entrepreneurs need leaders who are going to make policy that puts small businesses on equal footing with big corporations." - Heidi Pickman
"As a company committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities to take control of their lives, genuine participatory democracy is at the core of our work." - Christopher Jacobs
"Democracy is essential for the future of my mission-based business that seeks to bring equity and equality to my community, country, and world. We are already strained to work within the complicated framework of a divided country that is slanted to work against us, but at least we have skin in the game. Without democracy, we won't have a chance for business as we know it to survive." - Jenn Richey Nicholas
"Co-op Cincy's mission of "creating an economy that works for all" can be realized only if democracy is protected." - Cynthia Pinchback-Hines
"Nothing is as toxic to democracy as censorship. Those who would destroy our democracy and limit our freedoms always start with censorship of journalists, libraries, bookstores, classrooms and recently, social media. Bookstores like mine will be among the first to go under autocratic rule. Democracy is not only important to me as a business owner but even more so as a citizen who hopes that his children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy life in an informed community of free, kind, and caring people." - Bob Sommer
"Democracy in business is essential to the visions, dreams and innovations of the People." - Barbara Guillory
"I believe that we have the best, small democratic system in the world - when it truly represents the will of the people.  I'm fighting to make that a reality, not just in California but across the United States. A truly democratic system works for everyone and makes business grow and prosper." - Vincent Casalaina
“Each of us has a role to play to encourage voter participation and civic engagement to ensure free and fair elections. To ensure a healthy economy and a more sustainable environment, we need to strengthen, not weaken, voting rights and democracy across Wisconsin.” - John Imes
“Individuals are dedicated to their families, friends, co-workers and customers. That dedication creates a lot of demand for people. One thing we can do as leaders in companies and organizations is to remind our team to take a break and engage in the democracy around them. Participating in democracy is just as important, if not more, than our day-to-day job responsibilities here at Altus” - Daniel G. Guerra, Jr.
"Protecting democracy is crucial to maintaining a just and thriving economy. KS Strategies can't empower businesses to harness their social and environmental impact unless the needs of the people are represented by public and private entities. It's core to our success, mission and values." - Kaitlyn Schlesinger
"Business leaders who truly appreciate the benefits of free markets should pay attention to what’s happening to our democracy. If we continue to see voting rights and voter access curtailed, only those in power will decide who runs a business and who doesn’t. A vibrant, free market starts with a healthy democracy.
The freedom to choose with whom we do business is no different than the freedom to choose who will lead us. The former is called a free market and the later is called a democracy. Business leaders ought to do everything they can to protect voting access and voting rights, because without a democracy, there’ll be no free market." - Mike Shesterkin
"In my work I have seen how democracy can fail in countries such as Hungary and Turkey. In my professional opinion, America today faces a crisis of democracy. Politicians are undermining our democracy through voter suppression laws, false claims of election fraud, and undermining the Constitutional separation of powers by packing the courts with political loyalists. When we undermine democracy, we also undermine prosperity.” - Alan Thiesen
"Real democracy is important, not the present USA Democracy." - Jack Kerish
"Democracy is essential if we want our economic system to thrive.  A peaceful transition of government between elections, trust in our election system, and trust in civic society are all essential ingredients to a thriving economy. Those elements are what have provided the foundation of our successful economy for the past 200 years." - Dr. Susan Kask
"Protecting the democracy is important to ensure the voices of everyday people are heard and upheld by those in power!" - Janice Robinson
"Small business, and especially entrepreneurship, exemplifies the enabling force of a democratic society where everyone has a chance at building their dreams." - Eric Hallman
"Achieving a system of government that is fair and just to everyone and our environment is important to my family, business, and community." - Ali Jaffar
"America’s political system was long the envy of the world. It advanced the public interest and gave rise to a grand history of policy innovations that fostered both economic and social progress. Today, however, our political system has become the major barrier to solving nearly every important challenge our nation needs to address and dysfunction in America’s political system is now the single most important challenge to U.S. economic progress." - Steve Masters
“I run a business, but I am the daughter of a lawyer. We were taught from an early age that what makes America better is that it is “a nation of laws.” Lately, it hasn’t been. It is my responsibility as a citizen to work to make us more an equal nation under the laws.” - Alison Lueders
"Freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of movement are key aspects of democracy and utterly essential in order for my clients to flourish and for my business to flourish." - Deborah Gavrin Frangquist
"Thinkshift is completely focused on collaborating with our clients to create a world where economic justice, inclusion, accountability and care for the environment are business as usual. That is not happening under an autocracy--protecting democracy is essential for our business to operate." - Sandra Stewart
"Successful business leaders know that the health of our economy depends on the health of our democracy. Where the rule of law and full representation is the norm, businesses and communities can flourish and economies grow. A stable political system, in which disagreements are handled civilly, helps to reduce polarization and create trust in how our elections are administered." - Richard Eidlin
"Democracy involves all of us." - Mathias Castillo
"I always have, and always will be, a fervent supporter of voting rights. The right to vote is foundational to our democracy, and the moment we lose hope in our electoral process and allow autocratic thugs to spread lies to preserve their own self-interest is the day we will truly lose. This is a day that I will forever fight to keep from happening. At RedFox AI we firmly believe in the importance of and power of democracy, and will diligently work to speak out on crucial voting rights legislation and promote non-partisan civic engagement. Entrepreneurship thrives in a free and democratic society, and we will give everything we have to ensure that democracy lives on for all future generations." - Nick Myers
"A fair and free democracy is the cornerstone of a thriving economy." - Camille Carter
"A free and fair market, unfettered by single-party, draconian, autocratic rule, fuels entrepreneurship and innovation, and this is essential to Democracy." - Matthew C. Whitaker, Ph.D.
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