Mission: Protect Democracy

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy employing about half of all workers. National surveys confirm that small business owners understand that a strong democracy is essential for a vibrant entrepreneurial economy where small businesses flourish.  The two go hand in hand.
Small businesses are raising the alarm about losing our democracy.  Some state legislatures have or want to allow state and national officials to ignore the will of the people and establishing a one-party rule, an autocracy. A previous Administration and current members of Congress have intentionally misused the law on Presidential Electors vote counting to attempt to deny the public's will.
The Business for Democracy state collaboratives are using the trusted voice of small business to elevate the issue of democracy and the need to pass voting reforms in Congress to protect both our democracy and economy.
The state collaboratives are not endorsing candidates.  We are advocating for Congressional and statewide election candidates to support the reforms needed and will be educating the public on the issue and candidate positions.  While we support all efforts to increase voting participation because it makes our democracy stronger, inclusive and equitable; this campaign is advocating for a critical issue for those voters to consider on election day.
Eight states have built Business for Democracy collaboratives:  WI, MI, OH, PA, CA, AZ, NV, and NC.
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