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Montcalm County and Ionia County, Michigan
September 3, 2022

PUBLIC FORUM: Small business needs a strong democracy to thrive

Dear Editor,

Michigan’s locally owned small businesses are meeting the basic needs of people, building local wealth, and making our local economies vibrant. They can exist only because of our strong democracy sustained by free, fair and secure elections. When democracy thrives, our small businesses thrive.

That is why we strongly denounce the incessant and baseless attacks on our democracy and elections by those who seek to undermine faith in our democratic institutions and subvert the will of the voters. The employees of small businesses and all Americans should support measures that ensure voting without intimidation or interference, regardless of what party, issue, or candidate they may support.

We need our state and Congressional leaders to take action to protect our democracy from subversion by those who care only about winning even if they lose the popular vote. Let the people decide who will lead them by protecting democracy.

Hanna Schulze
People First Economy
Grand Rapids

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