Business For Democracy 2023

In March 2022 the American Sustainable Business Network’s Business for Democracy (BfD) working group launched a campaign to build small business collaboratives in 8 targeted states (NC, AZ, NV, CA, WI, MI, OH, PA).  The mission was to use the trusted voice of small business to elevate the issue of protecting democracy to be one that voters in the midterms would consider when casting ballots. 

The message was that a strong democracy was essential for a vibrant entrepreneurial economy and a warning of the negative economic consequences of the country sliding into an autocracy.

The campaign supported federal voting rights reform: Electoral Vote Reform Act, Freedom to Vote Act, and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Read about the success of the 2022 campaign here.

2023 Campaign

Promoting stronger democracy at the state level is the focus of the 2023 BfD campaign.

The BfD campaign of the American Sustainable Business Network is partnering with Rank the Vote, a national organization grassroots organization advocating for ranked choice voting in local, state, and federal elections.

Ranked choice voting offers a way to make our election system more democratic by delivering consensus candidates more interested in problem solving than attacking opponents.

Watch our webinars on ranked choice voting:


Feb. 1st - Nathan Lockwood (Rank the Vote) & Rachel Hutchinson (FairVote) on how Ranked Choice Voting works

March 1st - Chris Saxman (Virginia Free) on how the Virginia Republican Party successfully used Ranked Choice Voting to pick their statewide candidates in 2021

April 5th - Jeremy Rose (FairVote) on research report on Congressional election in 2022 (Dubious Democracy)

May 3rd - Anton McParland, campaign manager and Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Mary Peltola (D-AK), on the first federal election in Alaska (2022) using ranked choice voting.  How did it impact campaigning and serving in Congress.


Read more about ranked choice voting and the benefits to business here and sign our petition to endorse this election system that will make our democracy stronger for our small businesses and citizens.



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