Letter: Vote to protect democracy

Spooner Advocate, WI
August 31, 2022

Reader Opinion: Vote to protect democracy

I am a retired small business owner who transitioned from a successful entrepreneur to the leader of a business organization dedicated to a sustainable environment and the role the business community can play in achieving that goal.

My warning is this: Democracy in Wisconsin is under attack by autocratic forces. Their victory will spell doom for a more sustainable environment and economy.

The threat comes from the continued onslaught of hyper-partisan redistricting, plus restrictions on voting, conspiracy-laden legal actions and baseless claims of election fraud. If successful, these efforts will lead to a one-party rule that ignores the will of the people and undercuts local businesses. Even successes in clean energy jobs and environmental protection will be reversed.

If we don’t demand that politicians protect our democracy, making progress on any other issue of concern will fail because those in power won’t care about the public’s interest, only their own interest. Vote to protect democracy.

John Imes
Shorewood Hills, WI



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