DC businesses collaborate to protect and strengthen democracy


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DC businesses collaborate to protect and strengthen democracy

Washington, D.C. (March 22, 2024) — A Business for Democracy collaborative has formed in Washington, D.C., and joins similar small business groups in eight states.

The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) launched a campaign in 2022 to raise the small business voice as to the critical need to protect and strengthen democracy.

“A strong democracy is essential for a vibrant entrepreneurial economy,” said DC native Jim Epstein, Chair of the Business for Democracy-DC collaborative, entrepreneur and business investor. “Small business owners want elected officials at all levels of government to work to solve problems, not simply attack their political opponents.”

“It’s important for our election systems to encourage more positive voices and a lot less negative campaigning,” said Kimberley Jutze, who serves on the DC collaborative’s steering committee and is the owner of Shifting Patterns Consulting, LLC.  “We can make the election process more democratic and incentivize civil debate, which will lead to well-functioning governments that small business owners want and need.”

The Business for Democracy campaign supports federal voting rights legislation like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.  It also supports independent redistricting commissions to eliminate gerrymandering, citizen ballot initiatives to enhance democracy, campaign finance reforms to reduce the corruptive influence of money in elections, and other pro-democracy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels.

“Failing to protect the democratic process will silence the voices of small business owners, placing the ability to successfully run a business and the welfare of its employees in jeopardy,” said NeAnna Ammerman McLean, steering committee member and Founder of Housing Science. “We will be urging policymakers in DC to pass reforms to strengthen democracy and restore trust in government within the American people.”

The other states with Business for Democracy collaboratives are Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada. Expansion to other states is on the agenda.

To learn more about Business for Democracy, visit www.businessfordemocracy.us

About American Sustainable Business Network
American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) is a movement builder in partnership with the business and investor community. ASBN develops and advocates solutions for policymakers, business leaders, and investors that support an equitable, regenerative, and just economy that benefits all⁠ – people and planet. As a multi-issue, membership organization advocating on behalf of every business sector, size, and geography, ASBN and its association members collectively represent over 250,000 businesses across our networks. ASBN was founded through the merger of the American Sustainable Business Council and Social Venture Circle.



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