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The Electoral Count Act of 1887 establishes the Congressional procedures for how state electoral votes for president and vice president are cast and counted. Unfortunately, 135 years later we now know that the rules of the Act are vague and outdated and led to false claims that the Vice President or Congress could reject the will of the voters – or that state bad actors could override the popular vote by appointing their own electors after Election Day.

The business community has a bottom-line economic interest in protecting the democratic institutions upon which our republic relies. This includes public trust in elections, orderly transitions of power, and confidence in the safety and security of our electoral process. Businesses know that a strong democracy is critical for a vibrant entrepreneurial economy.

Reforming the Electoral Count Act is one of the three Congressional voting reforms Business for Democracy is supporting to protect democracy.

This is why the Business for Democracy campaign is joining Business for America in calling on Congress to address flaws in the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and other election risks by passing the bi-partisan Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act introduced by Senators Susan Collins and Joe Manchin. The bill has nine Republicans and 7 Democrats as co-sponsors.

Please join in this effort by signing Business for America’s letter urging Congress to pass this legislation to reform the Electoral Count Act this year.

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Frank Knapp
Business for Democracy
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