Small business congratulates voters on rejection of Issue 1

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August 8, 2023

Small business congratulates voters on rejection of Issue 1

Columbus, OH—Local Ohio small businesses have told the voters that Issue 1 should be opposed because it is a threat to democracy (here, here, here, here).

“This victory shows exactly what the entrenched politicians and big corporations are worried about, the public using democracy to make policy that is in the best interest of all Ohioans.”—Mayda Sanchez Shingler, Executive Director, Ohio Sustainable Business Council

“This is a great moment in history for Ohio! We managed to uphold the tenets of our constitution, thereby preserving our democracy. Victory feels so good!”—Cynthia Pinchback-Hines, Racial Justice Educator & Co-op Developer, Co-op Cincy

“Democracy has won.  And when democracy wins, our vibrant small business entrepreneurial economy wins.”—Frank Knapp, Director, Business for Democracy campaign of the American Sustainable Business Network



Frank Knapp

Mayda Sanchez Shingler

Cynthia Pinchback-Hines

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