Protecting Democracy Top Voter Issue/NBC

Frank Knapp Jr.

Protecting Democracy Top Voter Issue/NBC

Voters rank top issues facing the country

Threats to Democracy             21%
Cost of Living                            16%
Jobs and the Economy           14%
Immigration                             13%
Climate change                         9%
Guns                                           8%
Abortion                                    8%
Crime                                         6%
Other                                         4%

NBC News Poll, August 12-16, +/- 3.1%


The Business for Democracy campaign has established 8 state small business collaboratives to use the trusted voice of small business to elevate the issue of democracy to be a top concern for voters and stressing the need for Congressional candidates to support passing voting reforms.  Small business owners understand that a strong democracy is essential for a vibrant entrepreneurial economy.  Business for Democracy is a campaign of the American Sustainable Business Network.


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