‘Business for Democracy’ advocating for thriving votes

WISC Channel 3000
October 14, 2022

‘Business for Democracy’ advocating for thriving votes

by Site staff

MADISON, Wis. — Members of Wisconsin Business for Democracy spoke out Thursday about their concerns for small businesses this election season.

During a press conference, members from the networks said they want to encourage people to support voting reforms, regardless of candidate or party.

“As a business owner, my job and our job is to provide good customer service,” Dan Guerra, CEO of Altus, said. “So, what we need to do as employers is remind our teams that we need them to do a good job in participating in democracy, and part of what that is is taking time to understand the issues and how it affects them.”

Members of the group said business owners need stability and consistency, which isn’t possible without stable elections. The group has not publicly endorsed any candidates.


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